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An Open Letter to Arlington

I posted this to social media already and therefore I won't link it. I wanted to add it to the record of the season here.

Rangers fans, please address two things for me:

1. When you deemed Jose Bautista to be too much of a showboat with his bat flip, you CHEERED when he got beaned and painted murals of Odor assaulting him on the field. Yet, you act as if Abreu should be banned for life and cheer when Leclerc throws at Altuve's HEAD. If you believe assault and head-hunting equals getting hit in the elbow guard, please consider seeking psychological help.

2. Your fan base wants Houston fans to shut up about how you REFUSED to provide a safe haven to play games when the city of Houston was under water in 2017. Yet, you STILL think booing players over your inaccurate knowledge of who ACTUALLY cheated in 2017 remains justified. You see most of us believe the life and death situation we were facing in Houston FAR OUTWEIGHS the misinformed outrage directed at one team for a league wide issue in a sport. Perhaps you don't REALLY understand the magnitude of destruction and the life and death situations the Houston area faced in Harvey because you were too busy winning 78 games in 2017.

Please address your MASSIVE hypocrisy in both of these situations OR just STFU and let's play baseball today.

I have said since December that I have nothing but respect for the Texas Rangers and I expected them to be VERY GOOD this year. I grew up 10 minutes from Arlington Stadium. I was a Rangers fan before most of your current fan base was even alive. You can be better than this Rangers fans. I know it.

This series SHOULD have been a celebration of two of the best teams in the MLB and of the status of baseball in the state of Texas now. Let's get back to THAT.

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