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An Open Letter to All Astros Haters

Updated: Oct 5, 2023

Because not everyone here is a follower on Twitter or Facebook, I am posting what I wrote this morning in response to continued media inspired hate.

To fans STILL hating the #Astros and Astros fans for something that happened SIX YEARS AGO:

1. Our catcher wasn’t here then

2. Our first baseman wasn’t here then

3. Our second baseman wanted no part in it

4. Our shortstop wasn’t here then

5. Our left fielder wasn’t here then

6. Our center fielder wasn’t here then

7. Our right fielder wasn’t here then

8. Our designated hitter wasn’t here then

9. Our utility infielders weren’t here then

10. Our utility outfielders weren’t here then

11. Our backup catcher wasn’t here then

12. Our manager was not here then

13. Our general manager was not here then

14. Our owner fired the GM and the manager and took the punishment the MLB decided was fair.

Perhaps, you should be aware that Toronto, Minnesota, and Miami have players that benefitted just as much as any current Astros player.

Perhaps, you should be aware that that manager is now the manager in Detroit. Perhaps, you should be aware that the critical bench coach that really led the entire scheme is now the manager in Boston.

Until you self righteous fans boo those players and managers as you do ours, then we in Houston will know your anger has very little to do will any scandal and everything to do with the Astros dynasty that has made your team look bad. Just admit you are jealous.

I say this knowing many of the teams in this postseason are building and may take my team off it’s rightful place as champions. I won’t boo your team for being good. I will just focus on what my team can do to be better. That’s where you should have been and why we either ignore you, laugh at you, or fire back at your hate.

Show respect and stop trying to rewrite history and lie about the present. Stop being an Astros hater.


P.S. - Do NOT expect us to give af what you think. If you try to come at me here or in social media, you will be blocked.

Oh, one more thing. In case you need to know what one looks like.


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