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American League Pitching One Page

Updated: Mar 27

American League Pitching One Page


Uncover the pitching strengths and weaknesses of every American League team in this comprehensive one-page summary. Get ready for opening day with LarryTheGM!

I wanted to give you simple and yet objective data for each division to allow a user to understand each team's strengths and weaknesses. I will adjust these as the Astros face each team during the season.

Folks this is a Pitching One Page Summary of Every Team in the American League.

I have included the starters and relievers.

The Details:

Player Stats

  • the latest projected FIP for each pitcher

  • the LarryTheGM pitching grade based on FIP

  • listing of key pitcher injuries (Note: Every team in the AL has at least three pitchers on the IL except Detroit. Many pitchers are not projected to give any innings this year.)

Team Stats

  • The pitching projected WAR

  • The rank of the projected WAR (1-30)

  • The projected team FIP

  • The LarryTheGM grade for that team FIP

  • The projected team wins

  • The Vegas over/ under win total

The data presented here comes from the excellent

Site premium members and Patreon members are getting access to the spreadsheet. Pictures of this are the bottom.

Divisions Previews are coming! Get Ready for opening day.

AL Batting One Page

The AL Batting One Page is also available here.

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American League Pitching One Page Data

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