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Alliance, What About This Scenario/ Your CFP Predictions

Updated: Nov 30, 2021

I warned the Alliance in August that they did not want to delay the 12 team playoff. Now, there is a scenario out there that will bring the Alliance to their knees with this 4-team playoff.

For now, I will put in what many THINK will be the 11/30/21 CFP Playoff rankings.

  1. Georgia

  2. Michigan

  3. Alabama

  4. Cincinnati

  5. Oklahoma St.

  6. Notre Dame

  7. Ohio St.

  8. Ole Miss

  9. Baylor

  10. Oregon

What happens if the following things happen in Conference Championships Games this weekend

B1G- Iowa beats Michigan (-10.5)

B12- Baylor beats Oklahoma St. (-5)

SEC- Alabama beats Georgia (-6.5)

AAC- Cincinnati (-10.5) beats Houston

What would the 4-team playoff that you supposedly love be, Alliance?

  1. Alabama

  2. Cincinnati

  3. Georgia

  4. Notre Dame

Oh, who would NOT be in the CFP? The Alliance. Maybe you all NEED to get the 12-team playoff passed before next year.

So here is the challenge. You predict who are going to actually be in the CFP by winning this weekend.

Let's have some fun predicting WHO WILL make and win the CFP. Post your guesses here in the Forums.






Winner of 1/4-

Winner of 2/3-

National Champ-

The first one that posts the right combination here will be the winner! Prize to be determined- maybe I will buy you a beer next year at an Astros game.

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