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ALDS Hot Take- Sit Brantley (against Rodon or Keuchel starts)

This may make some Astros fans mad. I will show you why Brantley should not start in an ALDS game that Carlos Rodon or Dallas Keuchel starts.

Michael Brantley has been the worst batter of the Astros starters against LHP. Want proof?

Brantley has batted 0.575 OPS vs. LHP. Meyers (0.899) and McCormick (0.822) are both obvious options to cover CF and LF. Siri (1.078 in limited PA) and Jones (0.908) are also possibilities depending on if they make the ALDS roster.

I have said repeatedly postseason PAs are extremely valuable. A manager must manage more aggressively than in the regular season to maximize advantages. Sending a physically ailing Brantley who has been terrible vs. LHP to the plate is just not something one can do in the MLB postseason.

Look at Brantley's numbers by month. Something is wrong with him trying to hit LHP.

I am NOT saying Brantley should not play. Imagine having Brantley as a PH weapon against Kimbrel and Hendriks.

Will the Astros have the guts to follow this advice? Probably not, but they should.

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