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Astros ALCS Pitching Plan 6.0- Almost Entire Bullpen Available

Updated: Oct 20, 2021

Updated post game 5

What a difference a couple of games make. The Astros overcame challenges to win Game 4 and rode Valdez, Alvarez, and Gurriel to role in Game 5.

Valdez going eight innings was huge in Game 5 but also completely resets the bullpen with the off day Thursday. Heading to Game 6 the only pitchers that should be unavailable are Valdez, Javier, and probably Greinke (although he might be available.)

I have resorted to using this type of table to reset the plan daily.

For each future game I project the number of pitches for each pitcher and what would their target innings be.

I shaded cells in pink to show when each pitcher should be off. The lighter pink for Game 5 are pitchers the Astros were prefer not to use but probably can.

The ALCS will be a test of the resilience and flexibility of this pitching staff.

Click here also for my lineup plan.

Let me know what you think.

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I like your plan for game 4! Now if these guys can keep runs off the board, and the offense can hit off of ANY of the Sox pitching staff.

I still believe the Astros are a tough-fighting, come from behind kinda team, and have the experience, leadership, talent & skillsets to win it all!! #GoAstros #ForTheH #BringHomeTheTrophy

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