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I am UNOFFICIAL GM of the Houston Astros and also have Smart Takes on other sports.

I'M KIDDING- I know I am not a GM, but I can help you think like one.

This is the place for DATA based analysis.

NO ONE gives you what we do at

Don't believe me?  Read our articles

Support the Site

Folks, I have never asked for money but SEVERAL of you said I should be paid for what I do.  I am going to be honest with you. There are some articles that take a LOT of time.

I also PAY to make this site available to you and my renewal charges are due.  SEVEN people made the decision to support me voluntarily. Those people mean the world to me right now.

What this means going forward is that articles will be available on a three-tier basis.

  • Patreon members will have immediate access through their page. Click the button to subscribe.

  • Site Members (free- for now) will have access to articles- approximately 24 hr after they are published through their page(Subscribe to the site below)

  • The General public will have access to content 2-3 days after it is published through the public page.  The General page has access to all of the current articles.

I am aware that some of you may not like this. It is actually better than what I initially intended on doing. If this causes traffic to drop to the point where the site is no longer viable, I will understand. That will make MANY people happy that this little unique site is gone, and they can go back to gaslighting you.

The future of the site is up to you.  I no longer care to work 70-100 hour weeks in my retirement for little reward.


If you don't think my work is worthy of financial support, I will accept your non-action feedback humbly.


Again, the subscription details are available at

Twitter: @LarryTheGMMan

Facebook: Larry TheGM

Location: San Antonio, Texas, USA

Become a Site Member HERE (It's FREE!) to get access to the Members Page with Article access ~24 hours after publish.

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